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American tourist in Paris raped by homeless man in public restroom at Notre Dame, prosecutors say


Aug 10, 2022

An American woman visiting Paris, France, early last Sunday was raped by a homeless man in a public restroom near the Notre Dame cathedral, prosecutors told the Daily Mail.

The suspect is a 23-year-old man from North Africa, according to the outlet.

‘The American woman was walking along the bank of the Seine at the end of a Saturday night out with her partner, when she entered the toilet block,’ an “investigating source” told the Mail. “It is well lit, and there were plenty of people around, but the woman’s partner became concerned when she remained inside for a long time.”

When he went in to check on her, he could hear her crying and then realized she was being assaulted in one of the stalls, the Mail reported. She then was able to escape, while he and other women present apprehended the suspect until police showed up and arrested him.


The suspect claimed he had a “consensual arrangement with the woman,” the source told the Mail, denying having done anything wrong. After questioning, however, he was charged with rape and kept in custody.

The victim, who is 27 years old, was treated for injuries at a hospital in eastern Paris. She and her boyfriend have since returned to the U.S., but she continues to cooperate with French authorities.

According to the Guardian, the alleged incident took place at 1 a.m. Sunday morning. The area, near the Seine River, is known to be busy with tourists and locals, night and day.

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